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Galangal root, also known as blue ginger, tastes wonderful in a variety of Cambodian dishes. It is like a big brother to ginger, spicier, stronger aroma and more fibrous. It is preferred over ginger when cooking beef or game meat. It is the main spice for Cambodian sausage, Twako and it is a must have in many of Cambodian soups, for example: Sweet and Sour Pineapple soup and Lime based Chicken Soup.

The roots are available fresh, dried slices, or in powder form. Galangal powder is the next best thing to fresh roots. It is convenient and retains its flavor profile well, perfect for dry rub seasoning on meats for a nice flavor boost!

Give your favorite ginger recipes a boost, use the galangal powder instead of ginger.

Galangal Root

Galangal root brings out the unique aroma and flavors in Angkor Cambodian Food's Lemongrass Paste. It also enhances heat and adds special texture to the cooking paste.

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