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We treasure cooking and we love sharing the wonderful flavors of authentic Cambodian food and culture. Our collection of authentic Cambodian spices, pastes and sauces make cooking traditional and fusion Cambodian dishes fun and easy.

We are a family company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to bring Cambodian cuisine to the western world, providing products for cooking Cambodian cuisine at home! We value all-natural foods and do not use preservatives in our products. All of our products are made in the USA and we're excited to combine Cambodian and American culture.

Our products help you explore Cambodian culture through cooking.  We provide rare and quality ingredients along with easy to follow recipes for both authentic and fusion Cambodian dishes.  All of our products are made in USA, using the finest quality ingredients.

I was born in Cambodia and came to the USA as a refugee in 1979.  I received my formal training in mathematics and computer sciences from UNL and Santa Clara University.  I am the author of “Short-Hair Detention” a memoir of a thirteen year old girl surviving Cambodian genocide.

Growing up in America, I developed a passion for cooking all types of food.  I especially love the traditional Cambodian recipes that I learned from my mother.  My mother would make Cambodian dishes year-round and share with all her friends and family.   I found myself naturally carry on this tradition and greatly appreciate the gift that my mother gave me: The Joy of Sharing Food.  I want to share to the world our culture through our unique Cambodian spices, pastes, and sauces, and walk people through how to make traditional and fusion Cambodian dishes.  My company Angkor Cambodian Food spawns of this labor of love and sharing.  

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