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Beef on a Stick

Saich Ko Chrawkak

Absolutely the most favorite Cambodian appetizer (beef brochettes)

Total:     40 min (30 min prep)

Style:     Authentic Cambodian

Yield:     15 servings

Level:     Easy


25-30 bamboo skewers

6 ounces Angkor Lemongrass Paste

2 T Kaffir Lime leaves (finely julienned)

1 T cooking oil

1.5 T Oyster Sauce

3.5 pounds beef Chuck Roast (sliced ¼” thick)


Soak the end of bamboo skewers into a glass of warm water for 10 minutes (to keep them from burning while cooking).   Mix lemongrass paste, kaffir lime leaves, oil, and oyster sauce in a large bowl.  Add sliced beef and mix well.  Slide the meat onto the bamboo skewers, ensure the skewer is not exposed between the pieces of meat.  Grill at high heat, 5-7 minutes each side.

Serving Suggestions

Serve with papaya salad and your favorite cold beer.

Tip: Skewered meat can be prepared ahead and frozen for future use.