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Cambodian White Sauce

Teuk Ktis Doung for Poot Ang

Creamy and savory with a hint of spiciness from White Kampot pepper.  Traditionally served with BBQ corn on the cob, this sauce works well in fusion dishes such as pasta, or other dishes calling for white sauce.

Total:     10min (prep 5min)

Style:     Authentic Cambodian

Yield:      Cups

Level:     Easy


1 can (14 oz) coconut cream

1½  t White Kampot Pepper (ground)

1 t sugar

1 t sea salt

1 t fish sauce*

¾ cup green onion (julienned)**

* For vegan dish substitute with a dash of salt

** Substitute italian parsley when making sauce for pasta


Set aside the creamy part of the coconut milk (top half of can).  Heat saucepan over low heat, add the remaining portion of the coconut milk, sugar, salt, fish sauce.  Stir until sugar and salt are dissolved, turn off heat and stir in green onion.

Just prior to serving, add the reserved coconut cream and pepper, mix well.