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Cambodian Roast Peanuts

Savor the exotic flavors of Cambodia with our slow roasted peanuts

A delicious healthy snack; we hand-select fresh peanuts and roast them in small batches, our traditional Cambodian roasting technique intensifies the natural aroma and sweetness of peanuts.  Enjoy them as your "go to" healthy snack or incorporate them into your cooking.

Available in 3 flavors


Sea Salt

Nothing but just the right amount of sea salt, bringing out the natural sweet and creamy, slow-roasted flavor.  A satisfying snack or perfect for topping your favorite Cambodian dishes.

Blue Ginger

Blue Ginger roasted peanuts are seasoned with a trio of galangal root (blue ginger), curry leaves and chili.  It's a delightful and unique WOW flavor that is familiar to all Cambodians!

"You may find curry leaves in Indian dishes, but perhaps only in Cambodian cooking will you find curry leaves and galangal used in the same dish. The distinct flavor and texture of galangal & curry leaves is rarely experienced by the American palate.”

- Chef Channy