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Raw Chrouk Metae

Fresh and Refrigerated

Raw Chrouk Metae is Authentic Cambodian hot sauce passed down from our chef’s family of hot sauce connoisseurs.  The recipe and process for creating this special spicy sauce retains the fresh flavor that can only be found in fresh chili.  Its robust flavor, delightful texture, and a beautiful deep red color taste livens appetizers and main dishes. Traditionally served as a spicy salsa with grilled or pan-fried fish, Cambodians also add this colorful hot sauce to pan-fried noodles and barbecued meat.  

All Natural Goodness

     - Vegan

     - No Added Preservatives

     - All Natural

     - RAW ingredients

     - No Added MSG

     - Made in USA

Available in both 3.5oz jar and 6oz squeeze bottle.

Requires refrigeration.

INGREDIENTS:  Chili, Water, Vinegar, Sugar, Sea Salt, Garlic.