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Lemongrass Cooking Paste

Angkor lemongrass paste (Kroeung) has the unique contrasting flavors and textures that Cambodian cuisine is known for. sofiTM award winning Lemongrass Paste; an authentic Cambodian cooking ingredient that's easy to use, add to anything you're cooking for all the flavoring you need.  

Available in 3.5oz retail, 1/2 gallon plastic jugs, 5 gallon pails or 10 pound bags

Create Dining Excitement with Authentic Cambodian Flavor

Cook, share and enjoy globally inspired dishes with fresh and exotic flavor. Use Angkor Lemongrass Paste to make authentic Cambodian dishes and craft flavorful fusion menu items.

Vegetable Dishes


Grilled or BBQ Meats

All Natural Goodness

     - Product of California

     - Made from fresh produce

     - Gluten free

     - No artificial preservatives

     - sofiTM Award Winner

     - Foodservice Innovation Award

Fresh ingredients in Angkor Food products

INGREDIENTS:  Lemongrass (lemongrass, water), Garlic, Onion,  Jalapenos, Fish Sauce (anchovy extract, salt, sugar), Sugar, Water, Sea Salt, Canola Oil, Galangal, Turmeric, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Lime Juice Concentrate.