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Our farm management team is a member of the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association in Cambodia.

Kampot Pepper, grown only in the Kampot region of Cambodia, was once the world's most prestigious peppercorn, celebrated in the gourmet kitchens of France for its complex aroma and nuanced flavors.  Our peppercorns are grown on a small family-owned farm, nestled against the hills of a beautiful valley in Cambodia's Kampot province.

The delicate characteristics of Kampot peppers come from the mildness in their spice, the freshness and complexity of their aromas and their exceptional lingering taste.

Our peppers are proudly grown using traditional chemical-free Cambodian farming practices.

Kampot Pepper

Gourmet Peppercorns from Cambodia

  Unique flavor unknown to most Americans

  Historically exalted spice in Asian and French cuisine

  3rd world economy re-emerging from war and tragedy

  Organic credentials and Fair Trade criteria


Kampot black pepper delivers a strong and delicate aroma. Its taste, which can range from intensely spicy to mildly sweet, reveals hints of flower, eucalyptus and mint.  This black pepper suits all kind of dishes and distinguishes itself in particular with grilled fish or beef steak.

Aromatic at a distance.  Well-rounded flavor offers heat but surprises with a sweet finish.  Think steak.

Harvested from the vine, when the berry is fully mature, Kampot red pepper delivers a powerful and fruity aroma. Its taste combines the spicy, mature flavor of black pepper with a sugary sweetness.

An initial pepper flavor followed by a tangy floral aromatic finish and a punch of heat.  Excellent on chicken or crush and sprinkle on vanilla ice cream.

Obtained by soaking the red berries in water for a few days, Kampot white pepper develops an intense bouquet and delicate aroma. Its strong spicy taste carries notes of fresh grass and lime.

Hot and creamy.  Subtle with floral hints.  Mildly aromatic.  Invisible to the eye.  Think sauces.

Pepper Trifecta Gift Box

Kampot peppercorns, the ultimate pepper for connoisseurs, are grown and produced only in Kampot, Cambodia.  It is the tough and lush terroir of the valleys in Cambodia's Geographically Protected Kampot region that yields superior peppercorns having distinctive character.

Aromatic from a distance, these potent corns of full-bodied floral essence and ample peppery sensation are justifiably famous in culinary circles.  Kampot Pepper became the world's most prestigious peppercorn in the French colonial days, celebrated in the gourmet kitchens of France for its complex aroma and distinct flavors.  

Wrapped in a beautifully detailed box, this set of peppercorns from exotic Cambodia is perfect for gifting or using yourself in everyday cooking.  Each box contains three peppermills for convenience and immediate dining pleasure.