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The Angkor Cambodian Food brand is owned by Apsara Foods LLC.

Founded in September, 2010 by Channy Chhi Laux, Apsara Foods and was incorporated in August, 2012 becoming Apsara Foods LLC.

Apsara Foods® and its logo are registered trademarks, owned by Apsara Foods LLC.

Apsara Foods LLC

Enchanting Apsara

Inspiration for the Apsara Foods® logo comes from Apsara, the ancient Khmer Royal Dancer.  Supernatural female beings from Buddhist mythology, Apsara are beautiful, elegant, and superb in the art of dance.

Numerous Apsara figures are carved along the walls of the ancient Khmer temple, Angkor Wat.

All Cambodian people are familiar with Apsara, one glimpse of the Apsara Foods® logo and they know our brand and products have a strong connection to the culture and history of Cambodia.