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Raw Hot Sauce at Winter Fancy Food Show

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 7:17 PM

Cambodian Hot Sauce - Traditionally RAW

Fremont, CA (January 8, 2019) – Exploring exotic Cambodian flavors is trending with foodies everywhere.  And tourism to Cambodia has grown to more than 6MM visitors/year to witness Angkor Wat and explore unique and flavorful Cambodian foods.  Angkor Cambodian Food is proud and excited to introduce authentic Cambodian Raw Hot Sauce (Chrouk Metae) at the 2019 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.  Stop by for a taste at booth #5273

Raw Chrouk Metae is vegan, made from RAW ingredients, contains no added preservatives and is made in California.  We choose to develop our product close to local farmers to ensure the freshness that is expected from Cambodian cooking.   

"You can taste the fresh chili in our sauce, not just the heat,” said Channy Laux, CEO and founder of Angkor Cambodian Food.  Passed down from generations of hot sauce connoisseurs, our recipe is retains the fresh flavor that can only be found in fresh chili.  Chrouk Metae has robust flavor, delightful texture, and a beautiful deep red color that livens appetizers and main dishes.  

Angkor Cambodian Food offers Raw Chrouk Metae in the following retail packaging: a 3.5oz jar and a 6.0oz squeeze bottles.  Chrouk Metae is also available in non-Raw shelf-stable 3.5oz jars.

About Angkor Cambodian Food (

We treasure cooking and we love sharing the wonderful flavors of authentic Cambodian food culture.  Our collection of authentic Cambodian sauces, spices and recipes help you explore traditional Cambodian food and inspire fusion creations.  

We are a family company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area with sincere passion for bringing Cambodian cuisine to the western world. Our products are made here in the USA using all natural ingredients and no added preservatives. 

For more information, contact Kent Laux, (510) 209-3200,