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Cambodian Popup in NYC’s East Village

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 6:39 PM


Real Authentic Cambodian Dishes for Lunch and Dinner

New York, NY (July 24, 2018) – Explore exotic Southeast Asian flavor in NYC with popup Cambodian food in the East Village.  From August 3 - 18, Thaimee Box will be hosting award winning Chef Channy, founder of Angkor Cambodian Food, who will be cooking up favorites that all Cambodians crave and her American fans keep asking for more.

“I know this may come as a surprise - but I don’t know much about Cambodian food! I’m sure it shares some roots with Thai but... So I’m eager to learn”, said Chef Hong Thaimee, chef/owner of three NYC restaurants. “Much more important, I’m eager to learn from Channy. We bonded instantly. Our paths are not identical - but we share so many reference points. This will be so much fun!”

”Chef Hong is my NYC angel; She understands me and knows what it means to pursue a dream.  I am grateful for Chef Hong’s generosity in hosting me at Thaimee Box," said Channy Chhi Laux, Chef and founder of Angkor Cambodian Food.  

The schedule and menu items for the popup can be found at here and dinner ticket promotions are available on EventBrite.

About Chef Channy

Channy came to USA as a refugee and worked as engineer in Silicon Valley for 30 years before deciding to pursue her passion for cooking and sharing Cambodian food culture.  At the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show, Channy won a sofiTM (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) award which led to the opportunity of meeting Hong Thaimee (Chef and owner of Thaimee Table).

Channy was born in Cambodia and came to the USA as a refugee in 1979. She received her formal training in mathematics and computer sciences from UNL and Santa Clara University. She is the author of “Short Hair Detention” a memoir of a thirteen year old girl surviving Cambodian genocide.

Growing up in America, Channy developed a passion for cooking all types of food. She especially loves the traditional Cambodian recipes learned from her mother. Channy's mother would make Cambodian dishes year-round and share with all her friends and family. Channy naturally carries on this tradition and greatly appreciates the gift from her mother: The Joy of Sharing Food.

About Angkor Cambodian Food

At Angkor Cambodian Food, we treasure cooking and love sharing the wonderful flavors of authentic Cambodian food culture.  Our collection of authentic Cambodian sauces, spices and recipes help you explore traditional Cambodian food and inspire fusion creations.  

We are a family company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area with sincere passion for bringing Cambodian cuisine to the western world. Our sauces, pastes and condiments are made here in the USA using all natural ingredients and no added preservatives. Treat yourself to excellent food and cook Cambodian tonight! 

For more information, contact Kent Laux, (510) 209-3200,