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Showcasing Rare Kampot Pepper at Summer Fancy Food Show

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 1:23 PM

The World’s Finest Peppercorns Come from Cambodia

Fremont, CA (June 13, 2018) – Exploring exotic Southeast Asian flavors is a hit with foodies everywhere.  This culinary niche is the driving force at Angkor Cambodian Food, as they expand their lineup of authentic Cambodian sauces and natural ingredients with the addition in 2018 of rare Kampot pepper.

Dubbed, “Cambodia’s perfect pepper” by the Associated Press, Kampot pepper is well known by celebrity and executive chefs from Paris to San Francisco.  The spice, grown only in southwestern Cambodia is now reclaiming its global pre-eminence that was first established in the late 19th century.

“In the early 1970s all Cambodian grade-schoolers learned that Kampot peppercorns were  important export products.  Years later, in America, this lesson was confirmed by my mother when she received a precious gift of Kampot pepper,” said Channy Chhi Laux, CEO and founder of Angkor Cambodian Food.  “When customers smell and taste these special peppercorns, it becomes clear why Kampot Peppercorns are famous in culinary circles.  Kampot Peppercorns are the jewels of Cambodia!” 

“We are proud to introduce Kampot Peppercorns, the pride of Cambodia, to discerning American diners”, Laux continued.  

The Kampot province and its peppers were awarded Protected Geographical Indication by the European Union in 2016. 

Angkor Cambodian Food offers Kampot Pepper in several packaging options: a peppermill gift set with all three colors, home chef spice jars, and 1-pound bags.

About Angkor Cambodian Food (

At Angkor Cambodian Food, we treasure cooking and love sharing the wonderful flavors of authentic Cambodian food culture.  Our collection of authentic Cambodian sauces, spices and recipes help you explore traditional Cambodian food and inspire fusion creations.  

We are a family company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area with sincere passion for bringing Cambodian cuisine to the western world. Our products are made here in the USA using all natural ingredients and no added preservatives. Treat yourself to excellent food and cook Cambodian tonight! 

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