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Angkor Cambodian Food Presents New Collection of Rare Peppercorns in Beautifully Detailed Gift Box

Monday, March 26, 2018 6:26 AM

Fremont, CA  -  March 26, 2018 -- With a focus on authentic Cambodian flavors and natural ingredients, Angkor Cambodian Food proudly presents, Rare Kampot Peppercorns, the ultimate pepper for connoisseurs.  First discovered by the West in the French Colonial times, these special peppercorns are grown and produced only in Kampot, Cambodia, where the tough and lush terroir of the valleys in Cambodia's Geographically Protected Kampot region yields peppercorns having distinctive character and superior quality.

“Growing up in Cambodia in the early 1970s, I learned that rice, rubber, and peppercorns were important export products.  Years later, in America, this lesson was confirmed by my mother when she received a precious gift of Kampot pepper from her friends,” said Channy Chhi Laux, CEO and founder of Angkor Cambodian Food.  “When customers smell and taste our Kampot Pepper, it becomes clear as to why Kampot Peppercorns are famous in culinary circles.  Kampot Peppercorns are the jewels of Cambodia!”

Wrapped in a beautifully detailed box, the Kampot Pepper Trifecta includes black, red and white peppercorns from exotic Cambodia.  Perfect for gifting or using yourself in everyday cooking. Each box contains three peppermills for convenience and immediate dining pleasure.

Now available online and at select retailers, the Kampot Pepper Trifecta gift box is a perfect housewarming gift, a unique holiday gift box, or an ideal birthday present for foodies or aspiring chefs.  Please direct wholesale inquiries to About Angkor Cambodian Food Our collection of authentic Cambodian sauces, spices and recipes help you explore traditional Cambodian food and inspire creation of fusion dishes.

We treasure cooking healthy and great tasting food with the wonderful flavors of Cambodian cuisine.  Cooking authentic Cambodian food is simple with our products and our fusion recipes instill creative inspiration by incorporating fresh produce that can be found year round in most American supermarkets.

We are a family company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area with sincere passion about bringing Cambodian cuisine to the western world. Our products are made here in the USA using all natural ingredients and no preservatives. Treat yourself to excellent food and cook Cambodian tonight!