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Tuk Meric & Kroeung Prawlak at Winter Fancy Food Show

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 7:50 PM

Fremont, CA (January 7, 2020) – Exploring exotic Cambodian flavors is trending with foodies everywhere.  And tourism to Cambodia has grown to more than 6MM visitors/year to witness the magnificent ancient temple of Angkor Wat and explore unique and flavorful Cambodian foods.  Angkor Cambodian Food is proud to be the source of Cambodian ingredients servicing American chefs for 10 years.  This year we are excited to introduce 2 new authentic products (Tuk Meric and Kroeung Prawlak) at the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.  Stop by for a taste at booth #6281 

Tuk Meric (ទឹកម្រេច) is a tangy and peppery sauce used throughout Cambodia for a variety of dishes, including: Lok Lak, deep fried foods, and hard-boiled eggs. The Peppercorns from the coastal Kampot region of Cambodia bring a distinct flavor and aroma that marries with the acidity of fresh lime juice and salinity of sea salt. Our blend of Tuk Meric is inspired by Chef Channy’s mother’s recipe, with a rich and tangy addition of tamarind paste, a signature ingredient in Cambodian cooking. A taste of this sauce will ignite your imagination with many possible applications. 

Angkor Tuk Meric is available in both a 4.7oz jar and a 6.2oz woozy bottle.  

Kroeung Prawlak (គ្រឿងប្រឡាក់សាច់) is the marinade for Cambodian BBQ meat on a stick, a common street food in Cambodia. This marinade is an all in one ingredient that is easy to use and packed with a combination of spices and herbs for a complex yet smooth BBQ flavor.  One 6.5oz jar marinates 2.5 pounds of beef or chicken. 

Angkor Kroeung Prawlak is available in a 6.5oz jar and 64oz jug

About Angkor Cambodian Food (

We love sharing the wonderful flavors of authentic Cambodian food. Our collection of Cambodian spices, pastes and sauces make preparing traditional and fusion Cambodian dishes easy and delicious.

Celebrating our 10th year anniversary, Angkor Food is a family owned business based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to assist chefs with incorporating unique Cambodian ingredients and dishes into their menu by providing services and products including rare fresh herbs and spices.

Our sauces and pastes are made in the USA using the finest quality ingredients with natural preservatives and no artificial colors.

For more information, contact Kent Laux, (510) 209-3200,